Manufactures all types of Polythene (PP, LD, LLDP & HMHD) & Polypropylene(PP) Bags, Films, Carrier Bags, Shrink Films, PVC Zipper Bags.

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We have all the Facilities to manufacture all types of Bags under One Roof. We have machines which give the best quality with the help of Experts in this field.

We have both the Printing Machines i.e. Flexo and Roto Gravure. We also have machines with which Loop and Moulded handles are fixed onto the bags. We can manufacture bags that are side sealed as well as bottom sealed, and Self- Adhesive Tape can also be attached to the bag which helps to seal the bag. We can provide the customers with Plastic Tubing, Sheets, Bags and Envelopes for a variety of uses. We also have machines which can be used to make bags with a gusset after printing. It is called Post-Gusseting. It is done to have printing on the sides of the bag.

We don’t need to go out for any of our manufacturing work. We have the ability to manufacture any kind of bag under one roof.

OUR Unit is handled by Professional Management Group with high Quality Technicians & Operators & Quality oriented & Faithful Workers. They play a major role behind success of Group. All employees have been selected after taking a proper trial and looking through their previous track records.